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Python-Flask app for Gamaya user rergistrations

Recently, I wrote a web application for handling student registrations of Gamaya 2014, the tech fest conducted at my college. It was made with Python-Flask, and the source can be found here at github. It let users create an account and register for interested events. The event managers could then see the details of those who had registered for their event.

In all its essence, it is a basic CRUD application, but making it was quite an experience and I learned a few things the hard way along the way, since it was my first web app.

Templates were built using bootstrap which later proved to be quite useful for its inbuilt responsive design. Many of the users were using the website from mobile phones and bootstrap provided a nice responsive page for them.

I had originally intended to run it on Heroku, but one of the dependencies, Flask-WeasyPrint, could not be installed in Heroku due to a missing package in the underlying OS. Flask-WeasyPrint was required to generate PDFs, so I hosted the app in Red Hat’s OpenShift platform, and it performed well there.

The site had 1000+ user registrations and 1600+ event registrations. It was indeed a rewarding experience to watch the logs as the traffic flowed to the site 😀

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